GAMMA 3.0 Solar Charge Controller - 10A
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our latest version 3a, 5a & 10a automatic 12v/24v gamma 3.0 solar charge controller with series are especially designed for reliability and affordability.  it is perfect for small & medium solar systems with the need of a multi functions and programing features.

support on grid (grid-tie) solar panel with a maximum pv voltage input of 50v.

有玩过微信红包扫雷的吗automatic selec battery types: gel, sealed (agm) and flooded batteries.

designed to power 5vdc (1.2a) with a usb power socket.

the gamma 3.0 regulation circuit provides series regulation to prevent single cell overheat problems of short-circuited solar panels.  the terminal section has been replaced by a rugged, well profane 6mm square terminal block.

有玩过微信红包扫雷的吗the melting fuse of the predecessor has been replaced by a fully electronically protected circuit.

with digital display and 3 led indicators to display charging in progress, battery soc, load disconnect, overload status and more.

leisure and rural electrification systems are the typical applications for this product. it is a perfect solution for cost-sensitive systems which require state-of- the-art system management.

有玩过微信红包扫雷的吗gamma equips with intelligent 3 voltage system (12v, 24v and 5v) and function timer for both 12v (24v) abd 5v (usb) enhance the flexibility of lighting system.  the 1st of it class usb lighting day & night timer system.

gamma evolution: 3.0 vs 2.0

charge your power bank with 1.2a

power your usb bar light at easy, plug & play

有玩过微信红包扫雷的吗cool you down with usb fan, plug and play

light up the whole kampung with usb light bulb.

有玩过微信红包扫雷的吗charge both battery at the same time (12/24vdc & 5vdc)

Key Features and Benefits

  • 3A for 30Wp solar array, 5A for 60Wp solar array & 10A for 120Wp solar array
  • 12V / 24V automatic recognition
  • Supporting On Grid (Grid-Tie) solar panel with a maximum PV input of 50V
  • High efficient series PWM charging regulation
  • Electronically regulated charging regime: Boost and float charge
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Integrated temperature compensation
  • Uses MOSFET as electronic switch and reverse blocking
  • Fully electronically protected: panel surge voltage, wrong polarity at panel or battery, overload and short circuit at load and more
  • Digital Display and 3 LED indications: Program, Charge status, SOC, LVD, Overload/Short Circuit
  • On & off switch for load
  • Special programing and setting for load
  • Intelligent timer function and 1-14 hours timers for both 12/24V and 5V (USB Power)
  • Automatic battery type selection: Gel, Sealed, Flooded and Lithium (In-house) battery
  • 6mm square terminal block



有玩过微信红包扫雷的吗download: (please click to download)

有玩过微信红包扫雷的吗why pwm technology?

有玩过微信红包扫雷的吗create wireless lighting world

combine both 12v (24v) with 5v world into one!

regulate solar panel, charge battery and power both 12v(24v) and 5v at the same time.  till all are one!

intelligent day & night light timer that control usb (5vdc) and 12/24vdc


installation diagram

  • Item #: GAMMA3-10A

GAMMA 3.0 Solar Charge Controller - 10A

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